About Our Social Media Agency


It all starts with a perfect recipe, passion and a little bit of love from our social media agency…

We are not your average social media agency, we believe every brand deserves its own unique social recipe.

Recipes that work well are tried and tested over time and deliver outstanding results that linger in ones memory long after all is said and done.  This is exactly what a true social media agency is all about.

12 years of experience in global markets have helped us understand that modern day consumers find comfort in supporting a brand that’s active on social media.  Why you ask?  Simply put, any company willing to give their consumer a “public voice” is a company that believes in its product.  There is no greater litmus test for brand confidence than this!

As a niche social media agency we only work with the best ingredients, having learnt that the finest recipes are made up of few components. This means our team is small by design, a key ingredient needed to drive personal relationships and focussed intuition as our key differentiator.

Relationship + intuition = the power to change any normal recipe into something truly extraordinary. Combined, they create an experience that tells your story in an authentic “Sweet Social” kind of way delivering on all fronts from customer engagement through to brand awareness and alignment to your business and marketing goals.

Other agencies may offer social services, but the bulk of their revenue (and therefore their focus) is nearly always elsewhere. We do one thing, and we do it very well – we are a 100% pure South African social media agency.



“Business owners tend to think that they can do facebook and social media marketing on their own because it’s easy and because it is cheaper.

You can’t. Or maybe you can but the result will not be optimal. Social media is extremely powerful and way more complex than what we think.

Sweet Social assisted me recently with a Facebook campaign for a workshop I presented. They asked good questions to clarify my needs, prior to setting up the campaign. They have a wealth of knowledge and I learned quite a bit from them while they guided me through the process.  I constantly received updates so felt like I was informed and involved all the time.  They are very professional in their conduct, and also brings a unique warmth that made this whole experience very pleasant.

I strongly recommend Sweet Social to anyone who want to market their business successfully!”
Annemarie Ross-Vivier

Social Media Agency for Mindskills Coach

“Tania from Sweet Social did a fantastic job assisting us with a Facebook advert for our upcoming trips. Her guidance, ideas and input was invaluable and her service prompt and very professional.”
Monika Roode

Social Media Agency for Kinyemi Africa

“Good ideas mean little without a great team. Sweet social have done an amazing job at getting our ideas visible and creating a platform from which to build our business. Definitely a great team whom we are proud to be associated with!”
Michael De Klerk

Social Media Agency for Lumin

“We run an online baby and toddler clothing company and contracted with Sweet Social to manage our Facebook page and Instagram posts. As a start-up and a retail business likes is extremely important for us. We have gone from 1 like to 2,600 within two months. Sweet Social run our campaigns, competitions and normal posts. They are very responsive and creative and our posts look very professional and modern. Their understanding of social media is impressive and they interact seamlessly on all required platforms and with our intended customer base.”
Carien van Stade

Social Media Agency for Blu Belle