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What it takes to become a digital-first leader

What it takes to become a digital-first leader

Many CEO’s feel it’s a full time job running a business successfully and achieving targets. However, as we’re moving forward into a digital era, it is essential that you’re building a clear digital footprint as 21st Century leader.

Leadership has to become digital Thought Leaders and build on their digital presence. Digital thinking must be breathed into a company’s core and it only happens when leaders, lead by example.

If social media is used correctly it can optimise productivity, give competitor and customer insights and add a level of trust. Start by browsing and participating on social media feeds for 10 minutes a day.

Social media represents not only a digital, but also a cultural shift within companies. Brand loyalty gets established as a CEO is represented as a mere mortal and no longer a personality created via PR companies.

The time has come to say goodbye to a top down leadership approach and welcome a digital-first type of leadership.

Here are 5 ways to become a digital-first social leader:

1. Become a Thought Leader in your field:

This happens when sharing insightful content that adds value to your following. For example, answer questions online, share industry news and comment on relevant content pieces. You can also establish a content calendar where a social media or content strategist curates’ industry related content for you, to be shared regularly on your social media channels.

2. Provide accessibility:

Customers used to maybe interact with a leader of a company once during their customer journey. Social media now provides the opportunity for all customers to have an open direct channel to the CEO of a company. By doing this, a company and its customers can learn directly from each other.

3. Show your personality:

People want to relate to a brand and there is nothing more effective than adding a face to the brand. Speak about values and what you believe. Create the energy that the brand has been built on. People buy into people, not organisations.

4. Thank customers and employees:

Gratitude goes a long way. By showing thankfulness to your customers and employees for reaching targets, participating in social responsibility projects etc. proves that you are acknowledging the true building stones that adds to the success of any company. With social media you are able to do just that, but on a big scale.

5. Learn from other leaders:

Social media opens the door to connect with other Thought Leaders in your industry. You can learn from what they do right and how to best achieve goals, set out by you and your company. Easy searches allow you to find knowledgeable content that adds value to how you establish and grow your strategy of success.

Take time to transform your ideas into a digital strategy and shape your company into a digital-first company. Move away from complacency, shape your business around trust, interaction and connection.

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