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About Our Agency

It all starts with a perfect recipe, passion and service where you’re always treated like the cherry on top!

We are not your average social media agency, we believe every brand deserves its own unique social recipe.

Recipes that work well are tried and tested over time and deliver outstanding results that linger in one’s memory long after all is said and done. This is exactly what a true social media agency is all about.

16 years of experience in global markets have helped us understand that modern day consumers find comfort in supporting a brand that’s active on social media. Why you ask? Simply put, any company willing to give their consumer a “public voice” is a company that believes in its product. There is no greater litmus test for brand confidence than this!

As a niche agency we only work with the best ingredients, having learnt that the finest recipes are made up of few components. This means our team is small by design, a key ingredient needed to drive personal relationships and focussed intuition as our key differentiator.

Relationship + intuition = the power to change any normal recipe into something truly extraordinary. Combined, they create an experience that tells your story in an authentic “Sweet Social” kind of way delivering on all fronts from customer engagement through to brand awareness and alignment to your business and marketing goals.

Other agencies may offer social services, but the bulk of their revenue (and therefore their focus) is nearly always elsewhere. We do one thing, and we do it very well – we are a 100% pure South African social media agency.

This is what our clients are saying…

Sweet Social Studio is a truly great company that contains all the right ingredients that any customer would require from a Social Media team. There is one exceptional ingredient however that separates Sweet Social from many others and that is personal ownership. Too often with large corporations this ingredient is missing and in the world of social interaction without it there is actually nothing truly valuable to offer. We have shopped around and been through many other solutions but in truth nothing compares the holistic solution that Sweet Social has to offer.

Management Team, Contactable

I have worked with Sweet Social Studio’s team for over 2 years.

The process is seamless and flexible, they are warm, professional and knowledgeable about what works for our business. The effect is the marketing happens consistently and with minimal hassle. Our brand awareness has grown and so has our audience. Sweet Social Studio is reliable and smart! We know our brand is in safe their hands, which in 2020 is becoming more and more essential. The designs are slick and creative. Nothing is too much trouble for this team, I know I can be pedantic but they never complain! They listen and provide their view but in the end will always leave the decisions in our hands. I highly recommend this team!

C McLintock – HOD OD and Marketing Lead, Omnicor

Sweet Social Studio listened with heart and assisted us to form a brand voice on social media. We’ve received excellent results since we’ve started.

Erik van den Top – Strategy & Governance, The Love Trust

DNA uses Sweet Social for all our social media needs. They really understand how to express the essence and purpose of our business on social media. Sweet Social constantly finds creative ways to keep our brand relevant on Social Media. I can thoroughly recommend Sweet Social to any business who understands the value of social media!

Anton van Heerden – Managing Director, DNA HR & Payroll

Sweet Social Studio has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the different social media platforms. They assisted Torstone to deliver the right social media strategy tailored to our business needs. They deliver timeously and can be trusted. I would highly recommend Sweet Social Studio for any company that is serious about their online footprint.

Payal Raina – Global Head of Marketing, Torstone Technology

Sweet social gave our social media legs, we have seen tremendous growth in followers, with healthy conversations.

Sandra Crous – Managing Director, PaySpace

Having SweetSocial manage our Facebook campaign has been a pleasure. I find Tania & her team to be honest and efficient. Campaign costs have have been very fair!

Dominic Giovanni – Director, Crossroad Recovery Centres