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4 Quick fixes to tidy up your social media channels

4 Quick fixes to tidy up your social media channels

Cleaning-up, throwing out and organising cupboards are part of what makes me feel efficient and organised.

The same goes for the digital world – at least once a quarter it is time for a social platform clean-up. Here are four quick fixes to help you start and send you in the right direction.

1. Unfollow the spammers

Have you ever wondered what happened to the rest of the people you like and follow on social? Do you find every time you open a platform it’s the same type of posts, by the same people and you actually have no interest in what they’re sharing?

The algorithm on social favour’s people who post more and with whom you might have had some interaction before. (That was before you knew their second name would fall into your spam category.)

You have the option to unfollow them or if you don’t want to boot them shut them up at least and block certain type of posts that they share from your feed.

Take stock of all the pages you’ve liked or followed and if they really still of interest to you. If not, unlike and unfollow as we’re cleaning up.

2. Update cover photos and profile pictures

Nothing gives your page a quick facelift like updating your cover photo and profile pictures. Especially, if your cover photos were season specific. Nobody wants to be that “house” in the neighbourhood. You know the one that keeps their Christmas lights and decorations up until winter comes. Be fresh and stay up to date with what the season holds, as your marketing opportunity can also lie within that specific funky cover photo.

3. Customize your Facebook page

Facebook has the option now to customize your Facebook page in order to make it more effective and navigation easier for the specific industry your business is in. You can even share URL’s and customize them so that search becomes easier.

Business Managers can update their page with the new layout by going to Settings, and then clicking on Edit Page.

4. Update all passwords

We know now that “Password” was the most popular password in 2016. So if you are one of those people, make sure you update it. Hacking in a digital environment is becoming easier and easier. Make sure your password includes upper case and lower case, special characters and numeric characters. Don’t create a password that is related to your brand and will allow for hackers and outsiders to guess what it is.

Take one hour of your day and give your social media pages a facelift. These are all quick fixes, that will create pages you can and want to relate to.

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