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Get ready for 2021

4 things you need to do from the get-go to thrive as a startup

A new year often brings with it the want to start afresh and try something new. However, at the start of 2021 a lot of us had no choice, but to start over. And just for the record dear reader, not all positive change feels positive in the beginning.

To make that new venture feel possible when morale is really low, remember all things are possible with good coffee and expensive chocolate.

We’ve listed 4 points you need to consider and prepare for, from the beginning, to help launch your new business.

  • Start with passion.

    • This will help carry you during rocky times.
    • If at all possible, let your passion burn while still burning the midnight oil at your current job.
    • Be ready to get your hands dirty, so that you can become an expert in the industry your startup exists in.
  • Ensure your budget is looking fit and clean.

    • If you aren’t an expert in budgeting, and spending is something you’re really good at, we would advise to get an expert in to help with some of the fine-tuning and managing of your finances.
    • Every area of the business should be accounted for and that include taxes… Not a great thought right, but don’t let this be the reason you are closing your doors.
  • It is often about who you know, instead of what you do.

    • Make sure you know who your competition is. Introduce yourself and become friends and even refer customers, as you should focus on being an expert and specialist, in a niche area of your field.
    • Having the ability to form and nurture new and existing relationships should be part of your job description.
    • Make it your goal to know people in high places (whether it’s by the zero’s they could add or the capability to make key decisions – get to know them.)
  • Double jointed, flexible – you need to get there.

    • One thing you can be sure of with launching any startup, very little will stay the same for very long.
    • You should constantly be on the lookout for ways to adjust what you’re doing to greater success, and be utterly unafraid to make those changes.
    • Reinventing, transforming and aligning will be the natural process for at least, during the initial phase. From there on you will align, transform and then once again, reinvent… and so it continues.


Get out there and live your dream. You have what it takes – we believe in you!

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