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8 Crucial Mistakes that can get you Unfriended or Unfollowed on Social Media channels

8 Crucial Mistakes that can get you Unfriended or Unfollowed on Social Media channels

Most people spend more hours on social media, including email than any other Internet activity.

There is no denying social media is a great instrument to interact with clients and customers, but only posting something on social media for the interest of being active online is not enough. If you’re not attentive, your endless retweets and oversharing can instantly get you an “unfollow”.

These 8 bad habits will definitely alienate you on social media:

Constantly selling your products or services

Social networking is a dialogue, and no one wishes to speak with a salesman. When you’ve got at least something worth posting, it is a fast way to get your business unfollowed or unfriended.


Sharing information from various other websites could be an irritation to your followers. Prevent sharing posts from aggregate news sites, as these do not reveal any creativity of your company and are shared too many times online by people.


Posting multiple times the exact same kind of messages a day is a surefire strategy to alienate your audience.

People do not need to see a company oversharing those types of viral updates, because they are going to see that content from their friends anyway.

The dearth of original content

Once every two days is a great time to share or retweet content that’s not yours. Concentrate on creating original content, like a blog post on your site you’ll be able to share with followers.

Having no strategy can be catastrophic

Posting arbitrary links and content simply to put something up isn’t wise.

The easiest way to generate a plan would be to look at who your customers are and learn what their wants and needs are related to your organisation. We’ve done surveys for some businesses as a way to develop a social networking strategy, requesting followers to tell us the kind of content they’d like to see on our studio’s social media profiles. Be faithful to your company when creating your social networking strategy — consider the way in which the information that you share will help your customers.

Use social media to increase sales, not ostracize your clients.

Think before you tag

Your clients might be chuffed with the services you provide to them, but that does not necessarily mean they would be thrilled if you tag them in social media.

You should not tag people in photographs or in places that aren’t connected with them.

This really is simply terrible social etiquette. While tagging individuals in a photograph or a place can allow you to improve the place’s visibility, it is a quick solution to annoy people and will rapidly get you an “unfollow.”

Too frequent reposting

Sending the exact same link 10 times a day may improve your click-through rate, but additionally, it may annoy. People need to see action when they scroll through your feeds as well as your opinions. However, if the update is the same message, they are going to perceive you as redundant.

Don’t disconnect

If you want your customers to continue to follow you, you should pay attention to what they do. Follow individuals when they follow you, like their pictures, ask questions and consistently answer when people reach out to you personally since the entire notion of the latest social media are to participate with customers.

There is no point on having 100,000 followers if you just have two percent engagement. Would you not  rather be content with 500 followers, but achieve a healthy 10 percent engagement?

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