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Minding the Millennial Gap

Minding the Millennial Gap

An interesting “Over 50’s” perspective from a Sweet Social Studio guest – we loved it!

Mention the word “Millennials” and eyes will roll, heads will shake, unflattering comments will be uttered and it will elicit the same reaction as fingernails on a chalk board.

Is this actually all just “Generation Envy” or is there really such a big divide between the behaviour and values of the Baby Boomers and the Millennials?

Do we have to label and blame in order to try to understand and accept that every generation brings with it change that will be disliked and criticized by the previous generation? Have the older generation forgotten what they were like and how they behaved?

It was believed that the “Hippie” generation would amount to nothing and bring about the downfall of the world?

Hippies demanded freedom of thought, morals and values. They were the start of a technology revolution, that has sadly stripped individuals of their privacy and often, identity.
Every act, and discussion is out there for the world to see. Bad behaviour, present and past, is suddenly being revealed and acted on.

Obviously this will create negative feelings and emotions, but is it not a good thing that there is nowhere to hide anymore? Is this not maybe the start of a relook and rethink of our value systems and how we need to step up to the plate and bring about change within ourselves and our planet?

Yes, there is a level of impatience amongst the Millennials who feel they should be the CEO of the company the day after they join it. Morals, manners and values seem to have disappeared, but it is no different to the previous generation.

Parents, teachers and Government take a long look at yourselves and be the example of what you want to see in the future.

What are you contributing?

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