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What social media platform will work for your business

What social media platform will work for your business?

“If you’re not using social media, you’re not reaching your audience. If you’re not on social media, your stakeholders are.” says Oresti Patricios.

With a statement like this, one might feel the need to create an account on every platform as it seems so overwhelming and you might be missing out.

However, there is a logical process you can follow to determine where your presence is important. Take some time and answer the following questions:

Where are your audience?

Do some research to understand what type of platforms do your audience use. Identify your ideal client and take some time in creating a persona that looks at the digital habits, lifestyle and buying tendencies, age and income level of the individual.

If you’re still unsure ask your customers. Make it interesting and fun. This information can always be used in any future marketing campaigns.

Where are your competitors?

It is very seldom that a business idea is the first of its kind. There are other companies out there that are doing what you are doing. Do some research and see where they are, the type of content they put out there as well as the engagement they receive. Remember quality always outweigh quantity. Obviously you need followers to get any form of reach on social but what you are after is engagement and interaction from your followers.

What fits into your lifestyle and where do you feel comfortable?

If you’ve never used social media as a marketing channel it doesn’t help you start on all platforms, but you don’t know what you are doing or how it works. Ask a social media specialist to assist you or make sure you start of small and rather add to your platforms as you get more comfortable with using it to engage with your customers.

The last question up in the air is should you be on Facebook?

Yes! As per stats given by Digital Insights Facebook has 1.28 billion active users monthly with Google Plus as the runner up with 540 million. As you can see it’s the biggest active platform out there. Facebook has become what Yellow Pages have been 10 years ago. If you don’t have a Facebook presence you’re allowing your customers to find your competitors.

You may feel Facebook is not your primary focus but you should at least have an active presence sharing some information on a regular schedule, for when people find you.

If you are not sure, try out different platforms, keep what works for you and let go of what doesn’t. If you feel unsure get assistance and leave it to the professionals. Small businesses might not be able to handle a consistent presence of 4 platforms. Take a step back, assess your audience and choose what will work best for you.

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